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Skin Yard - 1987
Self-titled 1st album This early version of the band bears a limited resemblance to the band which Skin Yard later became. This debut record is not as heavy as subsequent records, and is a more intricate and arty release. It is also the first record that Endino engineering job to get a commercial release. The CD included 5 additional tracks not originally on the 1987 vinyl release. Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) drummed on this record, with the exception of the 2 bonus tracks that have Jason Finn (Presidents of the Unites States of America, Love Battery) drumming. Additional Info

Hallowed Ground
- 1988
Hallowed Ground Mr. Temperment himself, Scott McCullum played drums. Considered by the band as their breakthrough record. 200 copies were pressed on purple vinyl, and a later pressing of the LP had colors reversed on the cover. It was released on CD with 2 additional cuts. The first song "Stranger" was released as a 7" single, b/w "This Lonely Place" (see SY Singles below).
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Fist Sized Chunks - 1990
Fist Sized Chunks Tom Niemeyer from the Accüsed played on one song, Helios Creed played on another. This particular CD was perhaps the bannds least favorite, as the production sounded muddy at the time of release, and also as it was recorded after a tour that essentially broke the band up for over a year. That said, Fist Sized is also Skin Yard's heaviest and most aggressive record, and for that reason is the favorite of many. Not available digitally; CD only (See Fist Remixed immediately below).
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Fist Remixed
- 2012
Fist Remixed - what a difference!This new digital version remixes the entire Fist Sized Chunks record (above) using the original master tapes, and the results are astounding. This is effectively a new release. It reveals whole new layers in the songs and shines a new light on what is now among the band's favorite records. With newly unearthed overdubs, guitar parts, and a new clarity and girth to the sound, Fist Remixed is considerably more psychedelic and powerful and is now the record that the band originally envisioned back in 1990.
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1000 Smiling Knuckles - 1991
1000 Smiling KnucklesThe personal favorite of the band - The closest Skin Yard ever came to fully realizing the complete vision of the band at the time of release. Solid songwriting throughout, flawless performances, and some of Jack's best engineering to-date. And let's not forget the mind-blowing artwork by Jim Blanchard. Issued on vinyl and CD in 1991. Now with Barrett Martin drumming, Skin Yard was regrouped and fully functional. A remarkable record all around.
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Inside the Eye - 1993
Inside the eyeOnce Daniel quit the band after 1000 Smiling Knuckles, the band hired a replacement bassist, and set out to create a more riff oriented, less textural record. Some felt was not as challenging as some of Skin Yard's previous material. Daniel thinks that it sounds more like a Gruntruck record than a proper Skin Yard record, and Jack thinks he's full of crap, but either way the record features some seriously scorching songs.
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Start at the Top
- 2001
Singles, rarities, and outtakes "A Collection of singles and rarities." Several years after the band called it quits, it became clear that enough good material had fallen between the cracks to assemble another solid album. Jack began accumulating, remixing, editing, sequencing and mastering stuff from the vault. The record had been sitting and collecting dust for years, and the band finally released the CD as a limited hand-numbered edition. Included are the songs from the singles below (and lots more not on the singles). The CD version and the digital version have a handulf of different songs with the digital version being the stronger of the two collections. Additional Info

The Perfect Lawn (1991-1985) - 2012
The Perfect Lawn - The Live album Essentially, a “live history” of the band. The heart of the record is five songs recorded live to an eight-track machine on New Year's Eve 1990, plus two songs recorded at KDVS in Davis, CA, and two songs from a board tape recorded during the band's final tour in Europe. 16 tracks in total. There are a few early recordings on this release that feature Steve Weid and even Matt Cameron on drums.
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Discography :: Skin Yard Singles (7 and 10 inch)

Bleed/Gelatin Babies - 1987
Gelatin BabiesC/Z Records CZ004, issued on black vinyl Summer 1987. "Gelatin Babies" was intended for the first album but was not finished in time. "Bleed" was recorded much later when Jason Finn was drumming with us, probably fall '86. Features Floyd-y break and a sombre piano.

Stranger/This Lonely Place
- Toxic Shock - Winter 1987
StrangerToxic Shock Records TX-009. "Stranger" was the first song from the (then-upcoming) Hallowed Ground album. Most copies are on black vinyl, with a few on orange wax. Second pressing was hot pink., hence the 1988 tour t-shirt slogan "Seven Inches of Throbbing Pink Jesus." This Lonely Place was recorded earlier with Jason Finn, at the same time as "Bleed" (See above). "Stranger" was the opening track the 2nd album, Hallowed Ground.

Start at the Top/Watch
7" - Sub Pop - Fall 1989

Start at the topThe long out-of-print gem from the Sub Pop stable of limited singles. Both songs have Scott McCullum on drums, and were recorded right after recording Fist Sized Chunks. 4000 pressed, 400 on white vinyl, and though long unavailable, both songs can now be heard in glorious digital brilliance on the Start at the Top rarities CD.

1000 Smiling Knuckles/Bulldog
- Summer 1991
BulldogCruz Records, 2000 copies issued in Summer 1991, all on 10 inch pink vinyl. 1000 Smiling Knuckles as on the album of the same name, b/w Bulldog (Lennon/McCartney) not issued on album. A very different version of Bulldog can be found on the Start at the Top rarities CD.

Skin Yard/Loveslug
Split 7" - Rave Records
- Fall 1991
PsychoRiflePowerHypnotized (live)"PsychoRiflePowerHypnotized" recorded live at KDVS by Dave Chisholm. Other side is "Loser Bar" by Loveslug (Tony Slug's band from Amsterdam). Some black, some yellow vinyl. Glitterhouse also did a European edition of this single; colors are a bit stronger on the cover. Jack's not crazy about this single because his guitar is a bit out of tune...