Skin Yard

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Fist Remixed - The Alternate 3rd album
Of all the releases in the Skin Yard catalog, Fist has seen the most profound improvement in the transition from analog to digital. This is the only record that was completely remixed (by Jack Endino) from the ground up, and the results are remarkable. Fist Sized Chunks was originally the band's least favorite release; it was recorded at a time when the band was going through internal turmoil, on the heels of a national tour dubbed “The Tour from Hell”. The recordings were rough, angry and caustic, and reflected a dark place that can only come from bitterness and angst. Interestingly, the record was very well received, but the band was never happy with the muddled sludgy sound, nor the memories that it resurrected. Twenty years however gives a long time to reflect, and although Endino described the process of digging deep into this dark place in the band's history as “painful and difficult,” this is effectively a new record. It reveals whole new layers in the songs and shines a new light on what is now one of the band's favorite records. With newly unearthed overdubs, guitar parts, and a new clarity and girth to the sound, Fist Remixed is considerably more psychedelic and powerful. It is now the record that the band originally envisioned back in 1990.
Skin Yard - Ritual Room (from Fist Remixed) by Skin Yard
  The Songs

1. Slow Runner (House, Endino)
2. Go to Sleep (House)
3. No Control (McMillan)
4. Through Nothing
(McMillan, McCullum)
5. Hungry and Hanging (McMillan)
6. Ritual Room (House, Endino)
7. Over the Moon (McCullum)
8. Drunk on Kerosene (McMIllan)
9. Wither
(House, Endino, McCullum)
10. No Right (House, Endino
11. Gentle Collapse
(House, Endino)

All lyrics by McMillan

  Those who played

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Ben McMillan: vocals.

Jack Endino: guitar and slide.

Daniel House: bass.

Scott McCullum: drums, acoustic gtr on 4,7.


Tom Niemeyer: extra guitar on Slow Runner.
Helios Creed: extra guitar on Gentle Collapse