Skin Yard

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Hallowed Ground - The 2nd album
Released in 1988, Hallowed Ground was the first record with Skin Yard’s new drummer, Scott McCullum (aka Norman Scott). Hallowed Ground showed an enormous leap for Skin Yard both creatively and stylistically. This follow-up to their 1987 self-titled debut showed a band still interested in the complexities of rhythm, texture and time, but interjected a vicious punk aesthetic, a clear step away from the earlier art-rock influences in their music. With Hallowed Ground, the band was able to fully define their musical voice and solidify their place in the Seattle grunge scene. In retrospect, listening to this record reveals a band well ahead of the curve of what would later be unleashed from that scene. Hallowed Ground is an uncompromising vitriolic attack, spanning a broad range from in-your-face scorchers (Stranger, Hallowed Ground) to dark and heavy dirges (G.O.D., Burn and Throb). These recordings have been completely remastered from the original source material and are available digitally for the very first time.

Skin Yard - Hallowed Ground (from Hallowed Ground) by Skin Yard
  The Songs
1. Stranger
(Endino, House, McCullum)
2. Open Fist (House, Endino)
3. G.O.D. (Endino, House)
4. Needle Tree (McCullum, House)
5. Burn (House, Endino)
6. Hallowed Ground
(House, Endino)
7. In the Black House (McMillan)

8. Throb (House)
9. OP4 (Endino)
0. G.O.D. (Extended Remix) (Endino, House)

All lyrics by McMillan
  Those who played

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Ben McMillan: vocals.

Jack Endino: guitar and slide; fuzz-wah-slide bass on 3 &10.

Daniel House: bass.

Scott McCullum: drums.