Skin Yard
Cover art by Jim Blanchard

Inside the Eye - The 5th album
Once Daniel quit the band after 1000 Smiling Knuckles, the band hired a replacement bassist, and set out to create a more riff oriented, less textured record. Released on vinyl and CD summer '93 after the band had broken up, this is the only record with replacement bassist Pat Pederson and with Ben playing some rhythm guitar. He (Daniel) didn't particularly care for Inside the Eye much (for obvious reasons), but plenty of other people dug it. It's fair to say that there are a few properly slayin' tunes on it.
Skin Yard - Undertow (from Inside the Eye) by Skin Yard
  The Songs
1. Inside the Eye
2. Miss You
3. Not in Love
4. Undertow
5. Wait for More
6. Fight
7. Western Wall
8. Across the Wind
9. Blindfold
10. Slowdive

All lyrics by McMillan

  Those who played

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Ben McMillan: vocals, guitar on 6,7,9.

Jack Endino: guitar; fuzz-wah-slide bass on 8.

Pat Pedersen: bass.

Barrett Martin: drums.