Manic Eyes


Manic Eyes
Fist Remixed Album Cover


- 2012 -

Because of continued requests, Skin Yard guitarist Jack Endino sorted through boxes of old tapes to assemble this “live history” of the band. The heart of the record is five songs recorded live to an eight-track machine on New Year's Eve 1990, plus two songs recorded at KDVS in Davis, CA, and two songs from a board tape recorded during the band's final tour in Europe. These first 9 tracks on the record are almost studio-quality and capture the band at its live peak. The remaining tracks are from other sources of varying fidelity. The CD is in reverse chronological order because the later recordings sounded the best. However, there are a few early recordings at the end that feature Steve Weid and even Matt Cameron on drums.

The Players: Other Albums:
Ben McMillan: vocals Skin Yard (1986)
Jack Endino: guitar and slide Hallowed Ground (1988)
Daniel House: bass Fist Sized Chunks (1990)
Scott McCullum: drums Fist Remixed (1990/2012)
Matt Cameron: drums 1000 Smiling Knuckles (1991)
Jason Finn: drums Inside the Eye (1993)
Barrett Martin: drums Start at the Top (2001)
  The Perfect Lawn (Live)

The Players

Ben McMillan: vocals
Jack Endino: guitar and slide
Daniel House: bass
Scott McCullum: drums
Matt Cameron: drums
Jason Finn: drums
Barrett Martin: drums

Other Albums

Skin Yard (1986)
Hallowed Ground (1988)
Fist Sized Chunks (1990)
Fist Remixed (1990/2012)
1000 Smiling Knuckles (1991)
Inside the Eye (1993)
Start at the Top (2001)
The Perfect Lawn (Live)